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Do you want the freshest flowers in Essendon? Let Sarah’s Flowers deliver them today.

Essendon is as Melbourne as it gets. It’s only 10km north west of the CBD but it’s the heart of AFL if you’re a fan of the Bombers like we are. Essendon is the place to come if you want awesome footy, sensational coffee, and the finest fresh flowers anywhere. Sarah's Flowers deliver amazing bouquets and arrangements to homes and businesses, offering a same day service six days a week. When you choose us you’ll know you're getting a guarantee for on-time delivery, fresh flowers and the very best customer service. We are nuts about flowers and love nothing more than sharing our passion with others so get in touch when you want fresh and fabulous flowers, fast.

Sorting everyone on your pressie list is easy when you’ve got Sarah’s Flowers saved in your favourites list or your address book. We can take your order from a year in advance until as late as 2pm (10am on Saturday) on the day you need your flowers delivered. This means you can organise all your “known” dates (Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas) at your leisure while still arranging the perfect pressie for those last minute occasions like when someone goes into hospital, has a baby, or loses a loved one. Even if you’re the forgetful type who only remembers at lunchtime that you’re going to your Mum’s birthday dinner tonight and you haven’t got her anything, you’ll never be caught short because we can deliver a sublime arrangement directly to her before the end of the day leaving you to feel smug that you got it right this year. It doesn’t matter what your taste you’ll find a superior selection of flowers when you browse our website. Our collection encompasses the muted tones of native Australian wildflowers, vivid gerberas and irises, elegantly glamorous lilies, exotic orchids, and traditional favourites such as roses.

We’re always working hard to make sure our flowers are stunning. Instead of going for the most expensive flowers or imported blooms, we source the best flowers as locally as possible. We know that flowers produced by Aussie growers, in particular those in Victoria, are the envy of flower growers around the world. We take full advantage of having them virtually in our own backyard with regular deliveries from leading suppliers who keep our florist stocked with flowers so fresh and fabulous you’ll find it hard to believe you haven’t paid twice as much for them. Strong healthy blooms are the keystone of our collection of bouquets and arrangements. Our florist checks every stem before incorporating it into your bouquet of choice, leaving no petal unturned in our quest for delivering flowers of sublime beauty. When you need to organise first class flower delivery to Essendon, Sarah’s Flowers it the obvious choice.

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